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1 MacPaw €99.95
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2 MacKeeper $4.95 per month
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Easy and smart cleanup for Mac

Dragging your applications to the trash bin and manual cleaning all extra files left from the deleted apps doesn’t sound like entertainment at all. Why spend your precious minutes of life on such rubbish? Use our Mac disk cleanup tool to uninstall your apps without leftover parts in no time.

Cleaning in one click

Just like Macs are very simple to work on, CleanMyMac is no less easy-to-use. To scan the system and remove all junk from it, all you need to do is press one button. Moreover, our automatic cleaning tool is very smart: it eliminates only safe-to-delete files. Be sure that the wrong ones will not be removed.

At the average, after a full scan procedure, a user finds 50 GB of a potential trash. This is how much unnecessary information you have to clean your mac from. And all this junk causes a negative effect on Mac operation speed. Thanks to our tool, you can get rid of it in a couple of seconds.

Smart and secure cleaner

For more than six years we have been working on the improvement of our secure cleanup procedure because maintaining your Mac safe is our main goal. That is why using our tool to clean your Mac, you are 100% sure of removing only unnecessary files. We have Safety Database which is basically the list of regulations and exceptions that our tool considers when scanning your device.

We know how to clean up your Mac

Our smart tools will clear a lot of space on your Mac getting rid of useless:

Do you speak Qhichwa? And what about Swahili or any other little-known language? No? Then why do you keep such a lot of useless language files on your Mac? Using CleanMyMac, you can remove all those extras that waste a lot of space on your device in one click. Now you can get rid of digital trash without being afraid to delete important and critical files.

Spare gigabytes cleaning your photo library without deleting and harming the quality of your pictures. Not your images and photos waste precious space on your Mac, but those cache files hidden in your library. Even if you store your pictures in iCloud, these useless caches still accumulate on your device. With our smart app cleaner Mac will get rid of gigabytes of junk in one click, even if you have a huge library. Be sure that none of your photos will be harmed.

Have you ever checked how much junk do you have in mail? It wastes much more space than you think. Every file attached to a letter is saved on your Mac: from text documents to pictures and PDFs. So, if you decide to clean up Mac manually sorting tons of attachments, it will take you several hours to do it. With our smart soft that removes all trash automatically, you will finish the process in a couple of seconds.

Downloading music from iTunes, you get not only music tracks, but also a pile of extra files like out-of-date backups and updates as well as broken downloads, etc. that take much space on your Mac. Just scan your iTunes files with our cleaning tool and remove all this trash in a tick.

Scan your hard disc with our cleaning soft to detect old useless files you store on your Mac and don’t even remember about that. The tool will show you the list of files you haven’t used for a great while. You get the opportunity to pick the ones you don’t need and delete them at one stroke. 

Take out the garbage in a click

Just like you have at home, Mac also has several garbage bins: mail, photo, external drive trash, etc. Our tool finds all of them and empties on your demand. Now you don’t need to take out garbage manually, our tool will do it for you in no time.